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Cold & Flu: Home & Herbal Remedies

Its cold and flu season! Even the most healthy people will come down with cold or flu on occasion. While bed rest is always recommended so our immune systems can do a great job dealing with it, its nice to have a few remedies on hand to support the immune system, bring a little comfort and potentially shorten the duration of the illness.

In this workshop we are going to chat about what wonderful cold and flu remedies may already be in your culinary kitchen cupboard and also make some simple herbal remedies together which you can easily recreate in your kitchen at home!

Together we’ll create Herbal Cough Syrup, Vapor Chest Rub, and Throat Lozenges and learn about the basics of making a healing Bone Broth

You’ll go home with some ideas of things to do when cold and flu strikes you or your loved ones; what you can find in your own kitchen cupboard to offer support and relief; skills to create some of your own herbal remedies; a sample of each herbal creation; monographs of the herbs we used; and herbal formulas with instructions on how to recreate these in your own kitchen.


COST: $45 (including materials)
Pre registration required. Registration deadline is 7 days before scheduled workshop. Space is limited and a minumum amount of registrants are required to run the workshop.

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