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Creating Herbal Medicine - Tinctures

This 3 1/2 hour hands on workshop will give you a basic understanding and experience with how to make your own herbal tinctures beginning with medicine you can find in your own back yard!

We will discuss various common backyard herbal ‘weeds’ and their benefits; plant spirit communication when preparing and using plant medicines; understanding menstrums and ratios; differences in “Folk Method” and “Weight to Volume Method”; resources for finding benefits, ratios, and dosing for common herbs. During this time you will harvest and prepare your own Dandelion Root Tincture and Dandelion Leaf Tincture to take home and use.


COST: $45 (including materials)
Pre registration required. Registration deadline is 7 days before scheduled workshop. Space is limited and a minumum amount of registrants are required to run the workshop.

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-Notebook and pen.
-Camera for documenting steps if desired.
-Please dress weather appropriate. Closed shoes and long pants are recommended for the wildcrafting portion since we may be off trail.
-Mosquitoes may be abundant. Please be prepared. Since we are a chemical free property we prefer for you to use natural repellent if possible. We also will have some available here for your use. Long sleeves and pant legs are your best protection.
-The property has many animal residents. If you have allergies, please come prepared.