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Herb Walk and Intro to Plant Identification Workshop

Spend the afternoon strolling in the countryside with Bev. You will discover some of the native wild herbs out on the DeWinton acreage, and learn about some of their traditional eatable, medicinal and spiritual uses. You will also learn about some basics of plant identification; basics of harvesting, and preserving herbs; and easy to use recommended resources, to start you off on your own herbal wildcrafting adventures.


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COST: $30 per person or 2 for $50

Registration is required.


-Please dress weather appropriate.

-Long pants and closed shoes are recommended as walk will not always be on trail and may include trekking through brambles and shrubs.

-Mosquitoes are always quite abundant. Please be prepared with long sleeves. (Since we are a chemical free property natural insect products are preferred)

-Notebook and camera if you wish.